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Water Filter


Drinking water is a basic necessity for life and a human right. Ceramic water filters are the cheapest, safest, easiest and most sustainable option for providing clean drinking water to all Timorese. If it is viable to produce filters in Timor-Leste we will also provide employment, industry and private sector growth.

The ceramic water filter is simple technology that saves lives and money while improving livelihoods such as increasing health and education, and time with family and friends. Water filters can be used in any household, school or health clinic in Timor-Leste.


.Water quality results: water filter was tested in Australia. The results showed the Water Filter:

·         Removes 99.99% of E.Coli

·         Removes 99.89% of total coliforms

·         Reduces turbidity to 3.3 NTU

The Water Filter will improve the current method for accessing clean drinking water by being:

Healthier - Improve community health by:

·         Reduce child mortality

·         Reduce gastro-intestinal health issues

·         Reduce health issues related to smoke

·         Reduce malnutrition

Cheaper -Improve livelihoods and income of households:

·         Reduce cost of access to drinking water

·         Increase employment and economic growth in Timor-Leste

·         Increase education rates

Easier– easier than boiling or purchases water by:

·         Simple re-fill the top bucket and wait 1 to 5 hours (possibly overnight).

·         No need to boil or wait for the next water delivery.

·         Easier access for children and people with disabilities.

Sustainable – more sustainable than boiling or purchasing water by:

·         Reduce bottled water,

·         Reduce wood collection leading to land clearing and deforestation,

·         Reduce wood burning and carbon release

Priced from $25

Contact us for more information and pricing. 









Water filter system

Water filter system